Welcome to CBerry Pottery


The Shop + Studio


CBerry Pottery is a working pottery studio based in Lakewood and Fairplay Colorado. The Lakewood studio is nestled between my home and garage in a space that was initially created for another potter back in the 1960s and then lost to ping pong tables, painting, and playrooms before we brought it back to the original purpose in 2015. The Fairplay studio is fluid and work happens in the garage or more often spread on the kitchen counter; my favorite place to paint and decorate pots before they are glazed. 

When you enter my sunny showroom you can see current work and pickup orders. Come through the sliding doors to peek at current projects, general chaos, and have a dance party. This is where everything is created from start to finish. Pieces are fired in the kiln room (AKA the garage) next door.

Carey Berry

Owner, Potter


Hi, I’m Carey (cb). The hands and heart behind CBerry Pottery. I am a one woman small business. I create each piece from raw clay, trim and finish, bisque fire, glaze, glaze fire, finish, photograph, pack, and ship, and even mop the floor.

I first experienced clay when I was 6 and flew to California with my older sister to visit my aunt, a professional potter. I remember vividly the feel of the canvas in the roller and the smell of wet clay and they still transport me back to that time. Before I fell in to clay full time, I studied Cell Biology and Nursing. When I graduated the only thing I wanted to do before I started my dream job in nursing was to spend a couple weeks with my aunt working in her pottery studio. We worked hard and played hard and I was in heaven. I have been incredibly lucky to have an Aunt like Louise, so generous with her studio and her time for all these years. Then life happened and I found myself at home with two small kids and a space that had previously been a pottery studio. I finally made the time and created a studio space. At first I thought I was sidetracked, but it turns out that I finally listened to my heart. The desire to create runs deep in my family, I just had to find my outlet.

I strive to make each object beautiful, useful, functional, and inviting enough for you to connect with every day.


 Studio Dog, Lead Greeter, Nap Coordinator

Dizzy Miss Lizzy (close friends call her Dizzy, Dizzle McSchizzle, Diz — she has yet to meet anyone who isn’t a close friend) is the real boss at the studio. Expect an effusive greeting from Dizzy at the door where she will ignore your personal space and shower you with love. Production often screeches to a halt when Dizzy says it is time to throw a ball or dig a toy out from under a table. Dizzy inspects each piece and often tests the trimmings of clay that land on the floor. If you don’t see Dizz, look in her bed next to the wheel as some days require more napping than others.