Studio build 2.0

When we were looking for houses the online pictures of our current house captivated us. The midcentury style was not what we had initially looked for, but the layout and light were amazing and we fell hard for the house. Part of what I loved so much was a funky sunroom off the garage.  The door to the sunroom became our “front door” and was where good friends knew to let themselves in. The sunroom had acres of glass, exposed brick, and awesome lines. It also leaked. Like a sieve. Over the years the water had created some terrible rot and despite an attempt to replace the rotten wood the room leaked every time a drop of rain hit it. Yellow jackets loved to find their way in through the holes. It was time to replace it and in 2019 we found a company to do the work.

The changes to the sunroom required some changes in the interior of the studio since two windows in the studio were only single pane glass and were not framed correctly. They couldn’t stay. I was sad to lose the light and we settled on putting in a big sliding glass door into the studio from the sunroom to increase the light in the studio.





The demolition of the sunroom was a shock, but we could close doors and block out the work. The demolition of the studio wall required building a temporary room in the studio that could be walled off with plastic. The guys tried their best but with saw dust, concrete cutting, electrical work, and loads of contractors my studio work had to take a break and hide under plastic sheets. During construction we found a wall made of 6×6 cedar logs, electrical outlets, and some imaginative carpentry. The crew handled each new discovery and within a couple of weeks their work was complete.


The studio changed dramatically with a new sunroom entrance, sliding door, and crazy amounts of natural light.







The light-filled studio sunroom acts as a small gallery space.  The new sliding door changed the layout to the studio and with those changes a new vision of the studio layout emerged.








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